Sponsor-A-Shelf – a new way to help fill the pantry shelves at Community Sharing. Would you join this new program?

We are asking for a commitment from businesses, organizations, and families to purchase an item(s) for one month, three months, or even a year. You can purchase the needed items, bring them to Community Sharing and stock the shelf (or have us do it for you). Brand name items are especially appreciated and bring lots of smiles to the faces of our clients.

As a token of our thanks, we will snap a photo of you and your “shelf” and post on our Facebook page (for you to share). We will also list you or your business/organization on our website as a supporter during the time you Sponsor-A-Shelf.

The matrix below shows our biggest needs at this time. Please take a look and see what item(s) and quantity fits with your budget. 

Proud First Sponsor: Milford Presbyterian Church (Sandi Muirhead & Virginia Mantela)
Proud First Sponsor: Milford Presbyterian Church (Sandi Muirhead & Virginia Mantela)
CS Pantry 7
Pantry Item Minimum
Monthly Quantity
Needed to
Fill a Shelf*
Size of Item Unit Cost Monthly
Mac & Cheese 50 240 7.2 oz. box $1.00 $50.00 $150.00 $600.00
Canned Pastas 50 240 15 oz. can $1.25 $62.50 $187.50 $750.00
Hearty Soups 50 240 18-19 oz. can $2.00 $100.00 $300.00 $1,200.00
Tuna 50 120 12 oz. can $2.50 $125.00 $375.00 $1,500.00
Peanut Butter 50 240 16 oz. jar $2.50 $125.00 $375.00 $1,500.00
Jelly 50 120 18 oz. jar $3.25 $162.50 $487.50 $1,950.00
Cereals 50 240 15-18 oz. box $4.00 $200.00 $600.00 $2,400.00

*Amount for information only. Indicates usual needed amount.

Note: All prices and sizes are approximate and/or average - April, 2019

We hope that you will want to participate. Simply click the button below to complete the inquiry form and our Sponsor-A-Shelf coordinator will contact you to answer any questions you might have.

If you would like to discuss the Sponsor-A-Shelf program before completing the inquiry form, please send an email to our coordinator, Erin Welsh.

Thank you.

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