Summer Lunch For Kids

Watermelon Summer Little Girl Eating Watermelon Food

Children who receive government sponsored free lunch during the school year cannot always find transportation to the free lunch programs during the summer break. So, volunteers package lunch for each client's child and distribute to families when they visit the food pantry. Lunch items, bags and bagging help are always needed.
                                    Summer Lunch Ideas

Back To School Clothing Drive

Barefoot Boy

Volunteers collect school clothing and shoes, all summer long throughout the Milford and Highland areas. Some community members have shoe drives or donate to purchase items that need to be new such as underwear. This project helps us offer a free shopping day for kids prior to the beginning of school.


Santa's Helper

Joy Of Giving Web

Note - Now thru December 15, 2020
Due to the pandemic the Joy of Giving will be taking on a different look this year. Gift cards from Target, Walmart and/or Meijer would be wonderful. You select the store, the amount and the denominations if you choose to do multiple cards. Families will be so very appreciative.

Call Community Sharing at 248-889-0347 or send us a note to participate in any of these seasonal projects.

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There are many community opportunities to participate in seasonal projects too.

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