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Financial difficulties may contribute to hunger and malnutrition. We are ready to assist qualified individuals and families. You can determine your eligibility now. 

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Participate to help us continue providing services.

Attend a fundraiser, grow extra produce, hold a drive - there are so many ways.

Find one that fits for you.



There are many ways you can donate to help individuals and families in need. Cash donations, food, diapers or personal care items, children's winter and back-to-school clothing, anything you can provide is always welcomed.   

Community Sharing Outreach Center

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity that has been providing food and financial support to those in need in the Huron Valley School District of Oakland County since 2004. As a volunteer-based organization, with over 200 volunteers, expenses are low, which means ninety cents of every dollar spent can go directly to client services. On average, 700 men, women and children receive assistance each month.*

Our new food pantry, made possible through the donations of our supportive community throughout 2021, stands as testimony that we are instrumental in adding warmth to our community. We continue to provide temporary help to make certain, within our power, that no child goes to bed hungry and no senior citizen is without heat. We help families when hard times occur, and care for those in desperate, emergency circumstances. Donations help the recently unemployed, the working poor, families in poverty, low-income seniors, people with disabilities and others who qualify.

There isn't a month that goes by that someone in Highland or Milford doesn't offer some form of charitable endeavor... a coat and boot drive, a pj collection for kids, a back-to-school clothing drive or a canned food drive for the holidays. Little things matter, particularly to young children, so in the month of a client's child's birthday, an age-appropriate gift bag is provided. A birthday bag is filled with a cake mix, frosting, paper plates, candles, decorations and a special gift, all donated items. Everyone's birthday should be celebrated with family and friends!

There are special programs to assist the children of Community Sharing clients that will improve their health, welfare and, hopefully, their happiness. With a focus on the next generation, tutoring is offered to help in the fight against inter-generational poverty, knowing that education is the road to self-sufficiency.

The majority of individuals and families accessing our services are food insecure, meaning that there is a limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods. Therefore, we provide nutritional items such as milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables and meat to help prevent the negative outcomes resulting from poor nutrition.

When your neighbor has to decide whether to buy food or pay a bill, when a senior must choose between food and necessary medicine, or a family down on their luck is in dire need of assistance, Community Sharing is there.

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Community Sharing is an equal opportunity provider.

*12 Month Average                                                                                             

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Community Sharing Video Library

Watch the various ways your donations assist struggling families in the Huron Valley School District.

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Monthly Food Assistance & Emergency Help

A broad selection of food is provided once per month and in emergency situations. Milk, eggs, fresh produce, meats, canned vegetables and fruits, along with cooking and baking ingredients, are among the foods available. Watch to learn more. 

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Emergency Assistance & Case Management

We understand that hardships may arise, such as evictions or utility shut-off. Caseworkers are available to meet with individuals to assess and determine how we can help and/or if other community agencies can assist. Click below to watch a Caseworker explain the process.