Questions about Community Sharing's search for a home?
Find answers below..

It is projected that CS must vacate the Duck Lake Center by the end of 2021.

We have examined all the available space in the Huron Valley School District, the area that we service, looking for something that would accommodate semi-trucks, heavy equipment within the building, space for client and volunteer parking, and easy access for clients who often have transportation issues. No suitable building is available.

The building has been vacant for over 15-20 years and on a thoroughfare. It was not a good option.

It has already been designated for other township services.

CS serves approximately 275 families each month.

Approximately 10,000 feet will allow us to have a pantry, clothing closet, storage for products, restrooms and office space (less than 50% of what the Duck Lake Center provides).

We will have to rent storage space off-site and rely on our volunteers to transport goods to and from storage when we set-up for the garage sale.

We will continue to provide food, clothing and special items (i.e., back to school clothing, winter outerwear, Christmas gifting, etc.) to our clients. We will also continue case work management, helping clients solve emergency and financial challenges including overdue rent, urgent car repairs, house repairs, overdue electric bills, etc. at our current level. However, we always welcome other opportunities to assist our neighbors in need whenever possible.

We have seen an increase in the number of people experiencing financial challenges. The need for food has been consistent with some up and down months. We conducted a small survey with clients who have not recently come for food and it yielded an interesting phenomenon. Some clients were able to purchase food using stimulus money and stated they preferred to leave pantry foods for those less fortunate.

Yes, they are experiencing the same trends as CS.

The answer to this question is still pending and will be answered by the Highland Township Board of Trustees.

Community Sharing, not Highland Township, will pay for the building.

Approximately $750,000.

A capital fundraising campaign is in the planning stages.

Yes, while CS is fundraising.

Sketches, concepts and ideas are underway along with preliminary work to provide electricity and water to the site. Once the building plan is finalized the designs will be made public.

All food pantries have a defined service area. The service area is defined by a pantry's financial abilities, fitness of the building to handle a particular volume of people and the guiding principles of servicing food banks (i.e. Gleaners and Forgotten Harvest), where pantries purchase food.

We never turn away an individual or family who is in urgent need of food or clothing. Our mission is to assist those in need to find the correct service provider/pantry for their long-term needs.

The legalities are being sorted out and will be answered by the Highland Township Board of Trustees.

Absolutely, without fail.