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Click here to learn about the One Can a Week Program

Your generosity is the driving force behind our ability to provide assistance to those in need.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will help us serve the growing number of families in crisis in our community.



New or Used\


Adult & maternity

Baby & Children of all ages (high demand items)


Peanut butter & jelly

Canned meat, tuna, chicken & salmon

Canned vegetables & fruit

Canned chili, stew, soup or baked beans

Baking goods, Jell-O, puddings, Jiffy Mix

Cereal or other breakfast items

Pasta products

Crackers, saltine, graham

Juice, preferably in cans, plastic or juice boxes

Spaghetti sauces

Condiments, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise


Hygiene & Household Products



Soap, bar or liquid



Feminine products

Razors/shaving cream



Toilet paper/paper towels/tissues

Cleaning products, dish soap, laundry detergent

Baby food, diapers, baby wipes


Cat and Dog Food

                          Especially cat food



Volunteer your time

Organize a food or clothing drive

Host a fundraiser

Visit our contact us page for drop off location and hours.

Monetary Donations

Community Sharing joins Kroger Rewards Shopping Program


How the program works is when you use your Kroger Plus card with your grocery purchase, Kroger will contribute 5% of your grocery bill to Community Sharing.  You will not lose any of the benefits of your card; you will just, in addition, benefit Community Sharing with each use.  In order for the program to work you must register your Kroger Plus card in order for Community Sharing to start receiving the benefits.  To register on-line just go to:

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