Community Sharing Outreach Center  Needs Your Help
Building to Feed the Hungry

Be a part of 'Building to Feed the Hungry' as we continue our mission of helping our neighbors in need.




Campaign Donors

Why Build?

  • WE MUST MOVE, as the current facility is in disrepair.
  • WE CANNOT AFFORD the $1.5M repairs the building requires.
  • WE COULD NOT AFFORD to purchase the building after repairs.
  • WE COULD NOT FIND an existing building suitable for a food pantry.
  • WE WERE OFFERED PROPERTY by Highland Township if we could build.
  • WE CAN BUILD A MODEST FACILITY for a fraction of the cost of repairs.
  • WE WILL BE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED to the clients we serve.
diverse team of volunteers build home for charity

Why Community Sharing Needs You

To continue our mission of feeding the hungry and assisting our neighbors in need, we need your help to keep our doors open. Building a modest facility is our only option but it has turned into a great opportunity. We will provide a location for our clients with easy access, design a structure to accommodate delivery trucks, and not disrupt traffic on major streets or disturb surrounding businesses.

Organizations such as Community Sharing are essential to a thriving community. We provide temporary help to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry and no senior citizen is without heat. We want to help keep families together when hard times occur, and care for those in desperate, emergency circumstances.

The majority of individuals and families accessing our services are food insecure, meaning that there is a limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods.

We provide nutritional items such as milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables and meat to help prevent the negative outcomes resulting from poor nutrition.

When your neighbor has to decide whether to buy food or pay a bill, when a senior must chose between food and necessary medicine, or a family down on their luck is in dire need of assistance, Community Sharing is there.

Our volunteers see children without shoes, disabled adults struggling to get by each month and homeless teens needing a warm sweatshirt and food for lunch. In any given month, 700 of our neighbors reach out to us for help; and half are children.

Our mission is simple - to feed the hungry and assist our neighbors in need. With your help, we can continue our mission in our new facility that will be completed and operational early in 2022.

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$50 helps us purchase
drywall and paint.

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$150 helps us purchase
carpet and tile flooring.

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Leadership Giving Levels

Your generous Leadership Giving donation will help us build a permanent food pantry.
Your donation will be an inspiration to others to open their hearts and follow your lead.
Your gift will be recognized on our Giving Wall in the new building.

Bright Candles

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous Donors (15)
Kathie Abraham
Susan J. Anderson
Pamela & David Bell
Chuck & Judy Cooper
Renee & Dennis Craig
Crystal Boomer - Honor Mel & Carrie Boomer
Christine Burke
Jim & Carol Cox
Judi Crawford
DHI Equipment
Darel & Sara Dickens
Lisa & David Dickey
Cody & Audrey Dunbar
Tami & Kip Flowers

Beth Frydlewicz
Don & Peggy Green
Heavner Canoe Rental
Highland Township Fire Association - Highland Goodfellows
Highland United Methodist Church
HVCC Golf Outing Participants
Barb & Ray Keller
Jerry & Martha Klemmer
Mary & Gary Krebs
LaFontaine Automotive Group
John "Jack" F. LaHaie, Jr., "In Memory Of"
David & Roberta Lennie
Cory & Julia Lupinacci

Linda & James Mallon
Gerald & Virginia Mantela
Jeff Masters
Mi Abilities, Inc.
Pam & Jeff Micallef
Paola & Robert Nisonger
Douglas & Ellen Reed
Richard G. Russell Jr. & Lisa M. Austin
Cheryl Soden in Memory of Michael Soden
Joe & Carol Strauss
Suzanne Tent
Scott Waldman
Dan & Jennifer Wohletz
Beverly Ziegler

Shining Lanterns

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (5)
B-25 Raffle Participants
James & Cheryl Coleman
Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Fulton J.       Sheen Council No. 7444
Huron Valley State Bank
Doris (Landry) & Jon Kruse
Charter Township of Milford Community       Development Block Grant
Peter & Carol Walters

Gleaming Torches

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (2)
Jim & Leslie Baker
Paradise Designs
Marilyn Stepanek
Lyle & Denise Tyler

Radiant Beacons

$25,000 - $49,999

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Rudnick in Honor of:
- Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rudnick &
- Mrs. Delores Clinton
Bob & Rena Swanson
Bob & Lisa Willard

Dazzling Sunbeams

$50,000 - $99,999

CS Accumulated Building Funds (Multiple Donors 2007-2020)

Brilliant Stars

$100,000 +

Toni A Wisne Foundation

About Our Building

The new Community Sharing building will complement the Highland Township Library and fit the vision the township has for Beach Farm Circle. Despite the modest design of an "L" shaped, light and dark grey steel building, the appearance will be of superior quality. The steel-on-post frame will provide for efficient and flexible usage as well as great strength and durability. Client parking will be paved, with ramps for accessibility.

The interior of the building will be white steel paneling with an attractive three foot peaked ceiling. The 10,000 foot building will include a 2400 square feet for our main purpose, a food pantry. In addition, we will have a receiving and storage area, a business office as well as private areas for conducting client interviews. The new facility will also accommodate specific areas for both the clothing closet and pet pantry.

If you would like to review our documentation, such as the site plan, building layout and the project timeline, please click on the link below.

bluepinrt of rendition

Artist rendition completed by M. J. Whelan Construction for Community Sharing, 400 Beach Farm Circle, Highland.

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$500 helps us purchase
electrical power, temperature,
and climate control.

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$100 helps us purchase light switches, electrical plugs & smoke detectors

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$250 helps us purchase
landscaping, exterior lighting
and signage.

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$1,000 helps us purchase
windows, siding, and roofing materials.

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Client Stories

smiling little girl donates apples to food bank

From Our Case Files

A family's rental home burned to the ground.  Overnight they lost everything.  The family of seven arrived on our door step.  Some of the children were without shoes, and the family was in desperate need of support and care from our community.

Within hours, the family had temporary housing, as well as food, household items, and clothing.  Community Sharing was there to help this family several times until they got back on their feet.


Community Sharing
P.O. Box 405, Highland, MI 48357

Community Sharing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All donations to 'Building to Feed the Hungry' are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
We are an equal opportunity provider.

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