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Needs Your Help
Building to Feed the Hungry

Be a part of 'building to feed the hungry' as we continue our mission of helping our neighbors in need.





Why Build?

WE MUST MOVE, as the current facility is in disrepair.

WE CAN NOT AFFORD the $1.5M repair of building.

WE WOULD BE REQUIRED to purchase the building after repairs.

WE COULD NOT FIND a suitable building for a food pantry.

WE WERE OFFERED PROPERTY if we could build.


FOR 16 YEARS For sixteen years Community Sharing has either borrowed or rented space, while becoming essential to our communities in helping those in need. We never had a place to call home. Now, we are foreced to move.  We searched for options to accommodate a food pantry and found nothing suitable in the area. Fortunately, Highland Township generously offered a parcel of land where we can build a permanent home. Yes, a permanent home in the center of the communities we serve in the 107 square miles of Oakland County, the Huron Valley School District.

diverse team of volunteers build home for charity

Community Sharing Needs Your Help

  • We are unable to afford costly repairs to current lease facility.
  • We have moved multiple times, never being in a permanent location.
  • Highland Township has generously offered property for us to build a home—we accepted!
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$50 helps us purchase
drywall and paint.

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$150 helps us purchase
carpet and tile flooring.

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Client Stories

smiling little girl donates apples to food bank

From Our Case Files

A family's rental home burned to the ground.  Overnight they lost everything.  The family of seven arrived on our door step.  Some of the children were without shoes, and the family was in desperate need of support and care from our community.

Within hours, the family had temporary housing, as well as food, household items, and clothing.  Community Sharing was there to help this family several times until they got back on their feet.

About Our Building

The new Community Sharing Building will be:
High quality and appearance: Steel on Post Frame Building for superior efficiency, flexibility and strength 
The building is a 10,000 sq ft, "L" shaped building intended to minimize land usage and maximize floor space. The finished building will have a "retail" appearance. The exterior will be a light gray and dark gray steel with a white trim. The interior will be white steel paneling, with a nice 3 foot, peaked ceiling. 
Finished layout will include: a 2400 sq ft Food Pantry space, donations receiving and storage area as well as offices to serve client needs. 

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$500 helps us purchase
electrical power, temperature,
and climate control.

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$25.00 helps us purchase light switches, electrical plugs & smoke detectors

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Community Events

car show

Bakers of Milford

Come join us at the car show on Saturday, May 20th from 12p - 5p. 10% of all food proceeds will be donated to Building Fund Capital Campaign!

Bakers of Milford

Come join us at the car show on Saturday, May 20th from 12p - 5p. 10% of all food proceeds will be donated to Building Fund Capital Campaign!

car show
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$100 helps us purchase
landscaping, exterior lighting
and signage.

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$500.00 helps us purchase
windows, siding, and roofing materials.

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Leadership Giving Levels

Sentence to come.  Be a part of fun - we want your money!

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