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Community Sharing is Moving to Duck Lake Center in July

While change is never easy, there are many positives to Community Sharing’s (CS) new home in the Duck Lake Center at 5061 Duck Lake Road in Highland. First and foremost, there will be private meeting space for clients to meet with staff, which the Apollo Center doesn't provide. “Our current building is completely open. But the new facility features offices that will ensure confidentiality,” says Barb Maher, CS Board Member.

Second, staff will have more space. Space has always been an issue and a headache, particularly for the storage of food as well as items for the Spring & Fall Garage Sales.

The move is necessary because Huron Valley School District (HVS) needs to expand its childcare and preschool programs at Apollo Center. "HVS has been extremely kind to CS throughout the years so we knew they would take care of us. With this move, they are offering a facility that provides three times the space we have now,” Maher explains. Nancy Coratti, HVS Superintendent, has a mutual sentiment: “We are fortunate to have maintained a decade-long relationship with CS and we look forward to continuing this partnership."

While the task of moving is daunting, CS department managers are scaling down on inventory to make it easier. “If you can hold off on clothing and garage sale donations until the move is complete, it would be greatly appreciated. Of course, we will never turn down a donation,” says Claudia Schimetz, CS Board Member.

CS will be closed to clients from July 12 to July 24, 2017. There will be food available at the Duck Lake Center for emergencies and for those in desperate need, “We will move as quickly as possible and help clients transition as much as we can. The ultimate goal is to make the change as seamless as possible,” says Maher.

To help clients, donors and volunteers navigate the new facility, volunteers are creating signage. The new signs will identify designated parking areas, entrances, exits and drop-off locations for donations of food, clothing and garage sale items.

Coordinating a move isn't new to CS because growth requires change. “We have gone from serving 30-40 families per month to as many as 360,” Maher says. “And we can't forget the efforts and dedication of our volunteers. We are so blessed with amazing people. They make it possible for CS to provide vital resources to members of our community who are in need.”  

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