About Community Sharing

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Inside Community Sharing Outreach Center


The People Behind Community Sharing


We are a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization which is overseen by a board of fourteen members and operated by a group of over 100 volunteers. Additional community members generously donate their professional services to supply accounting, legal, and marketing related activities.  

To receive a copy of our latest financial information, please contact Ms. Debbie Schornack at 248-889-0347 or email her at debbieschornack@community-sharing.org.  You may also mail your request to  our address, Attn: Debbie Schornack.

This community support reaches well outside our core group of volunteers. Through the partnership with two other nonprofit groups and eight local churches, our resources strengthen and our ability to help those in need expands. It is the sharing of our community.


The People We Help

We help the recently unemployed, the working poor, low income seniors, people with disabilities and others. In 2013, Community Sharing assisted an average of 286 local families per month with an average of 11 new families added monthly. Click for additional information on our service offering, needed donations, and eligibility.

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